Marshall Illinois Wedding Photographer Studio E: Capturing Moments as They Should Be Captured...

Wedding season is fast approaching and newly engaged brides are in a rush to get all their ducks in a row for that perfect wedding experience. The reason couples spend so much on their wedding is first and foremost to celebrate their love in the presence of family and friends. It's a one-shot deal and should be an event like no other. That's why it's so very important to preserve the memories of all those months of planning and all those fleeting, wonderful moments. It isn't something that should be entrusted to someone with little to no experience, however. While it's fine for family and friends to record their perception of your day, the professional is trained to capture the moments that are important to you. And once the ceremony is over, the toasts have been made, food is eaten, the dances have been danced....all that remains are the photos that capture the precious memories of your special day.  Studio E would love to be a part of that day...

Marshall, IL Wedding Photographer: Tips for Booking the Right Wedding Photographer

In one of my Facebook groups, a young lady posted that she was looking for someone to shoot her March wedding. She got a number of responses from people who listed a lot of weekend warriors or friend of a friend with a nice camera. While I wasn't available for the date, I felt compelled to give the poor girl some guidelines for choosing a wedding photographer, and thought perhaps I would share them here. This was my response: "When choosing a wedding photographer, Jessica, you should remember to be selective and ask questions. Anyone can put up a website with a few cherry-picked images and pass themselves off as a professional. A wedding is a one-shot deal, and the person responsible for covering that event needs to have the expertise to pull it off. Here are a few things you should ask a prospective wedding photographer: 1. Can the photographer show you a full wedding? This is necessary to determine if the person does good work on a consistent basis. Consistency is what separates the professional from the weekend warrior. 2. Does the photographer have backup equipment? If the answer is no, move on. Our studio has 6 DSLR's, an equal number of external flashes, 42 GB of memory, a dozen backup camera batteries, and three bags full of lenses. Digital camera equipment is often prone to failure, especially if the cameras are used a great deal. 3. Does the photographer have a backup plan in case of illness? 4. Does the photographer have liability insurance? Some wedding venues now require umbrella liability on behalf of the photographer. 5. Does the photographer know how to use light? This is the basis for good photography. If you notice a lot of dark images or overly photoshopped images, chances are the person lacks the necessary expertise to cover your wedding. 6. How much experience does the photographer have? A good photographer will have several weddings to show you, and should have gained experience by second shooting for another professional before he or she went out on their own. Weddings are HARD to shoot, contrary to popular belief, and not everyone does it well.

I hope that helps you in your quest for the perfect photographer to preserve your memories. Best of luck!"

Hopefully, that will help others in the pursuit of their perfect photographer! In closing, I'll share one of my wedding favorites from this past year:

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Brown-Norman Wedding 469-177-3